I'm Abolfazl Mahmoudi

A happy Developer   

I'm a Programmer

  • Name: Abolfazl Mahmoudi
  • Job: :)
  • Age: 19 Years
  • Residence: Iran , Tehran
  • Hometown: Tehran

Someone who does not have many friends, But I always try to be happy.

what are i doing?

Artificial intelligence

I have a lot of interest in artificial intelligence so sometimes I'm studying about it


I am very pleased with this programming program


I like WordPress, because the rest is loving

My Skills








graphic design


type Speed :)

C language Family


My Education

  • Shahid Karimi High school

    high school time 2013-2016

    At that time, my vision became wider than the technology world

  • Shamsipour Technical College

    Associate Degree 2018-2020

    I am currently in the process of solving learning

  • Shamsipour Technical College

    bachelor's degree 2021-2022

    Learning the concepts and understanding of computer networks

My Experience

  • EndSoft Team

    Founder 2015-2021 EndSoft.ir

    The launch of the endsoft team began in 2015 with the goal of developing software.

  • EndCloud

    DevOps Engineer 2020-2021 EndCloud.Net

    EndCloud A Cloud Service Providers in Iran

  • Btnet project

    taking part 2015-2019 btent.ir by Morteza piri

    Implementation in 1395 for online networking requirements.

  • Sunlly Market project

    Founder 2016-2017 page is down

    The creation of a food store online in 2017, which was eventually failing due to financial failure.

  • Ask For Game project

    CEO 2019 AskForGame   Created with friends from college

    Online Game Review, created in 2018,It is also active in the field of game sales.

  • Coming soon...

My Works

This section will be completed soon